The Anti-CEO Playbook

The anti-ceo playbook

The traditional CEO playbook tells you everything about how to run a business except how to be a noble leader. That requires the anti-ceo playbook. Hamdi Ulukaya is the owner of Chobani Yogurt. After I read about how he gave 10% of the shares of the company to the employees about five years ago, I […]

I must be a very bad capitalist!

I must be a bad capitalist

I was speaking with a Catholic business owner recently who said at one point during our conversation “I must be a very bad capitalist.” He took me down his path of logic. The purpose of owning or running a business, he was taught, is to make money and to create a lifestyle for himself and […]

If Christ was a secret shopper at your business

What of Christ was a secret shopper at your business?

What would Christ discover if he was a secret shopper who dropped in on your business? Would he be able to report back to you that the culture, values, processes, and the way your leadership interacts with your employees and how your employees interact with each other, with your suppliers and customers, and the community, […]

How Virtuous is Your Firm?

The article entitled “How Virtuous is Your Firm?” written by Hershey H. Friedman and Linda Weiser Friedman in 2009 provides a basic checklist that can be used by your firm to determine whether or not it is “virtuous”. It’s not all encompassing, but it’s a great indicator to help you determine the general virtuousness of […]

Rome, we have lift-off, lift-off on Attollo 1. We have pilot launch!

Attollo Jar of Dirt to remind us of our humanity

What a momentous day yesterday for Attollo. The pilot launch occurred within the walls of the Augustine Institute, here in Colorado. The leaders of A.I. were gracious enough to provide the meeting room space for us, on the Feast Day of St. Augustine. Ten business owners spent a full day, very precious time, testing out […]