Nepotism in Business and Catholic Social Teaching

Nepotism opposed to Catholic business leadership

Nepotism is an affront to Catholic Social Teaching. Nepotism is the practice of favoring relatives or friends over other employees who are outside a leader’s personal circle of friends and family. The pillars of Catholic social teaching are based on selfless Biblical principles. Nepotism is different than a multi-generational family business but leadership needs to […]

A Catholic Theology of Work

The Compendium of the Catholic Church

I searched on the term “Catholic Theology of Work” and received a return of a number of very old academic essays, and books but nothing practical for the business person to sink their teeth into and apply in their place of work.I have in my possession, as you should too, a copy of “The Compendium […]

Human Work I. Biblical Aspects from The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

Cover of the Compendium of the Catholic Church

I’ve summarized each longer paragraph of the Compendium below for quick consumption. Starting with Chapter 6 “Human Work” and Chapter 7 – “Economic Life”.  Each section of the chapters will be in separate posts.  The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the ChurchHUMAN WORKI. BIBLICAL ASPECTS a. The duty to cultivate and care for the […]

If Christ was a secret shopper at your business

What of Christ was a secret shopper at your business?

What would Christ discover if he was a secret shopper who dropped in on your business? Would he be able to report back to you that the culture, values, processes, and the way your leadership interacts with your employees and how your employees interact with each other, with your suppliers and customers, and the community, […]

The Importance of Mission

Mission Statement Helps Focus Business

Contrary to some business guru’s out there lately I’m still a huge proponent of the importance of the mission statement. Your company mission statement defines its purpose, its “why”, its reason for being.  It should tell yourself as a business owner, CEO or president, why the heck you get out of bed every morning and […]

The Connection between Montessori and The Integrated Business Leader

A friend recently gave me an article written by Dr. Annette Haines. Dr Haines addresses the full spectrum of man’s development, from birth to adolescence and ultimately as a “cosmic agent” to order the earth to the good of all through actions in solidarity benefiting the common good. Why am I posting about Montessori? I discovered […]

Create Innovation Teams at the Diocese or Parish Level

As a citizen of Centennial Colorado, I get the city newsletter mailed to my home quarterly. One of the articles was about Centennial’s Innovation Team that is gathering community input on solutions to common aging challenges of its citizens. The areas of focus include work and volunteer opportunities, transportation, engagement, health, finance, community, housing and […]