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We address the needs of the Whole Person

Personal Development

As a Catholic business professional, you will work on yourself but not by yourself. You will work alongside like-minded peers, and learn and develop habits and skills that you will practice and sharpen for the rest of your life so you can achieve your whole-life plan. 

"For every dollar you invest in your personal development it adds at least $30 to your bottom line over time."
Photo of Brian Tracey Motivation speaker
Brian Tracey

Professional Mastery

Originally developed for EOS® Certified Implementers, is the software we use to help our member develop leadership teams and robust systems with mind-blowing ease and efficiency. From tracking productivity in meetings, to monitoring your traction as you grow, to setting and blasting through long-term goals, helps our clients implement the strategies we create together without tech overwhelm.

Spiritual Maturity

It’s proven that secular enterprises perform best when their leaders manifest a deeply spiritual sense of purpose beyond themselves. Your vocation as a Catholic business professional then is to be holy and transmit that sense of purpose to others.

Attollo uses its Theology of Work ℠ to guide its members on the path to spiritual maturity.

The Myth of the Rugged Individualist

Man Looking into the night sky - Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

In this current apostolic age, the hostility of the secular culture can make a settled life difficult. Business institutions rooted in Catholic social teaching are harder to found and harder to keep healthy. It’s like trying to build a house in a gale wind.

Fewer resources are available to you, and the cultural challenge of articulating the Catholic faith, both as a business leader and through the actions of your business, can be exhausting. 

It is imprudent for Catholic business professionals to think that they can survive in our current culture much less succeed, by taking it on singly. You need a group of peers, companions to walk with you on your journey toward business success, attaining peace in your life, and fully live out your purpose, your vocation as a business leader.