Technological Advancements and the “I am God” Complex

A Catholic perspective on Technological advancements

From the earliest basic tools to the invention of the wheel in recent history, technological advancements have undoubtedly empowered humans with greater control over their environment and capabilities to survive and to thrive. Humans have manipulated ore into bronze, iron and steel. We, the collective we, have charted the stars, invented the compass to navigate […]

Catholic Business Leaders are Called to be Counter-Cultural.

Blue Zone and Catholic business leaders

Catholic business leaders are called to be counter-cultural because we are reminded often that although we are in the world, we are not of the world. John 15:19.  Speaking of counter-cultural, my wife and I just watched the first episode of a Netflix docuseries called “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones”. According to […]

Leadership – The Buck Stops Here Starts By Looking In The Mirror

Man looking into the mirror at himself

The phrase – “The Buck Stops Here” was, per , popularized by US president Harry Truman. The phrase is based on the metaphorical expression passing the buck, derived from poker gameplay, that came to mean “passing blame”, or absolving oneself of responsibility or concern by denying authority or jurisdiction over a given matter. I’d […]

Essential List of Books for Catholic Leaders to Read

A photo of a book by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

Here is a list of what I consider to be essential reading for Catholic leaders. This is my shortlist of go-to books that I’ve assembled over the years. Since my work is tailored for Catholic business leaders I have created sections that we address in the Attollo program; Personal Development, Professional Mastery, and Spiritual Maturity. […]

The Simple Equation That Keeps You Stuck Right Where You Are

There’s a reason that a plethora of self-help books are written and published every year. There’s a reason self-help guru’s make a ton of money traveling around the world speaking to large crowds of people and selling their own “system for greatness”. There’s a reason that self-help is estimated to be a 10 billion dollar […]

Calming Your Monkey Mind

“Monkey mind” is a Buddhist term that means “unsettled; restless; capricious; inconstant; uncontrollable”.  Our minds tend to jump from thought to thought, idea to idea, issue to issue, like a monkey moving restlessly from treetop to treetop, branch to branch. Most of these errant thoughts also tend  toward the negative. While monkeys swing from tree […]

Happy 2019! It’s Time for a Digital Detox

What news, information, blog posts, alerts and special updates do you truly need to achieve your 2019 goals? Have that answer? Great! Now, turn off the rest of the torrent of information about the world that you’ve invited into your world much of which is the digital version of fat, sugar, and salt. Time to […]

Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Photo by chester wade on Unsplash

“Nice guys finish last.” This is what the parents of my girlfriend when I was in college told me. I didn’t know how to articulate the conflicted feeling I had when they dumped that bit of wisdom on me. I was then and still am a “nice guy” so there was no ducking this flaming […]

The Born Leader

There’s no such thing as a born leader. What there are , are people who have developed, shaped and honed their character through the practice of human virtues and who apply the principles learned throughout their organization and who expect everyone to adopt and apply them as well. The world is in desperate need of […]

Don’t Let The Fruit From The Global Leadership Summit Rot On The Vine

I attended the Global Leadership Summit #gls18 last Thursday and Friday at our parish St. Thomas More in Centennial, Colorado. The parish hosted the event locally via live feed / telecast. It was a great event with fourteen speakers who addressed a wide array of leadership topics. Attending The Global Leadership Summit was a good […]