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Happy 2019! It’s Time for a Digital Detox

What news, information, blog posts, alerts and special updates do you truly need to achieve your 2019 goals? Have that answer? Great! Now, turn off the rest of the torrent of information about the world that you’ve invited into your world much of which is the digital version of fat, sugar, and salt. Time to detox that poison!

If you are too addicted to knowing immediately about the world, national, regional, or even local events in which you have NO direct influence over then try to block them temporarily from your phone with one of the many apps that can accomplish this. Check out this article in INC. Magazine.


It’s easier to avoid distractions in the first place than to try and resist it once it hits your phone or PC.  So be selective about what you allow into your life that can distract you or derail your day.

Here’s your mantra for 2019.  “I need to spend less time fixated on other people’s lives and about events that I cannot change so I can use that time to build the life I desire. “

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