For Lent – Just give it up.

What Catholic business leaders are giving up for Lent

For Lent – Just give it up. When we were kids, candy was the “go to” thing to give up. Adults tend to progress from candy to more adult consumables such as smoking, alcohol, or the cousin to candy…desserts and snacking between meals.   I’d like to offer a list of things you should consider […]

Are You a Child or a Business Professional?

Catholic business leaders need to be childlike

And Jesus said absolutely nowhere…”Are you a child or are you a mature business professional”? He did say however, in Matthew 18: 3-4 “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  I just read that passage and I wondered whether Jesus had the […]

Find Instant Happiness

Cahjolic business leader - things do not fulfill

People who reject God’s love try to find instant happiness in very predictable ways. It’s the reason that in 2022 advertising agencies alone raked in 68 billion in revenue. They offer innovative solutions to solve the profound emptiness humans face by promising the secret formula to achieve happiness. They focus advertising on the same subjects; […]

What’s your personal mission on Earth?

Catholic Business leaders versus the world

Your personal mission on Earth is your personal apostolate which according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church is “the activity of the Christian which fulfills the Apostolic nature of the whole church by working to extend the reign of Christ to the entire world.” That’s a mouthful! Just so you know, I pray to […]

Symptoms of beginners in the spiritual life.

Catholic business owners beginners

In General If you: frequently, or even occasionally fall into mortal sin and habitually more serious species of venial sin…. are making little or no progress in overcoming venial sins in confession, even if you go frequently…. are caught in a “holding pattern” in this state for many years…. have not developed a healthy habit […]

I am sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free.

Sailing is a metaphor for the fruits of the holy spirit.

Inspiration can come from seemingly out of nowhere. My wife and I were at Mass on Pentecost Sunday at St. Anselm and Cecilia in London. The pastor’s homily centered on the fruits of the Holy Spirit. What were the fruits of the Holy Spirit I asked my 3rd-grade self. This priest had a handout! The […]

God Does Not Matter

God does not matter

The modern-day narrative is that even if God exists, God does not matter. We can get along just fine without the thought of a creator. On a personal note, I just visited relatives and in-laws on the east coast last week. It seems that those who have left the Church, who are many,  have gone […]

What Most People Say Just Before They Die

Businessman standing in street and looking at his watch

I ran across an interesting article recently about what people say as they prepare to die. It summarized an interview by Health Digest, with leading palliative care and hospice specialist, Dr. Simran Malhotra. She shares firsthand how her patients have influenced the way she leads her own life in hopes it will inspire others to do […]

Unintentional Humor Created by “Holy Bot” Automated Technology

Image of a Holy Chat bot

The unintentional humor was instigated by a recipient of my daily inspirational text messages and handled humorously by automated technology, I nicknamed “Holy Chat Bot”.  I had created an automated “chat bot” to help answer some basic questions but mainly to respond to some “colorful” comments from recipients who aren’t too thrilled with Catholics and […]

Start the new year, the upcoming week, today in prayer now and forever.

Woman in Church praying

A friend forwarded me a post called “Living on a Prayer” by Liel Leibovitz who is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine and a host of the Unorthodox podcast. The thesis of his post is why praying is the only New Year’s resolution anyone needs. Leibovitz provides an interesting personal perspective about prayer that I […]