Catholic Business leaders versus the world

What’s your personal mission on Earth?

Your personal mission on Earth is your personal apostolate which according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church is “the activity of the Christian which fulfills the Apostolic nature of the whole church by working to extend the reign of Christ to the entire world.” That’s a mouthful!

Just so you know, I pray to Mary Undoer of Knots before I read the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC). She helps me with patience as I try to plow through its abstruse language.  

Here is my translation.  In 1 Cor 3,9 – St. Paul wrote: “For we are God’s fellow workers….”. CCC paragraph 864, which references the definition of an apostolate, points out that the “whole apostolate” means not just clergy, but lay people are called to an apostolate. So, in short, an apostolate is the mission of all apostles. If you are a Catholic in good standing, then you are an apostle. Since every apostle is expected to have their own apostolate, what’s yours? 

What’s your personal mission to extend the reign of Christ to the entire world?

What’s your personal apostolate, your personal mission to extend the reign of Christ to the entire world? I assume this is way too much to ask the average Catholic which is why the secular world is mopping the floor with the us – from Rome to the local parish.

The soul or the essence of any apostolate is a healthy, intense interior life of the apostle. In fact, the interior life IS the soul of an apostolate. By interior life I mean the work we do every day to align ourselves, and our life with God. A good first step would be to start a daily prayer life – just 5 minutes to have a chat with God. Another would be to know the Theological and Human Virtues, then start to recognize them during the day and practice them yourself. Lastly, make a quick review of the day and the end of it to see how well you’ve done with all the above – an examen.

Our initial apostolate is an interior one. We need to “extend the reign of Christ” in our own hearts first. We have to work on our sanctity, and our holiness, and have zeal for our own salvation before we can help others to theirs – which is the ultimate aim of the exterior apostolate we are all called to by Christ. This can be done whatever your duty in life is. Your apostolate can be leading your business, your department, your group, division, etc. with the mind of Christ so those we lead can see what Christ looks like.

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